bad woman

ini adalah the bad woman.
perempuan ni tinggalkan lelaki itu.
bad woman yang cantik.

taste. taste. taste.

beliau adalah one of the model dalam FT Island punye lagu tajuk bad woman.
lagu ini sangat babi babi babi babi babi.

aku sangat suka lagu ni.
sangat suka suka suka.. suka sampai nangis tiap-tiap kali tengok.


infatuation kills.


dewa langit dah turun ke bumi lagi!

I personally think
this kid will be amazing,
he is two steps ahead of the game just like a certain Spanish midfielder that also plays for Arsenal. He is technically perfect, can pick out a pass or two and has a scorcher of a left footed shot. The only drawback I can find is his size (5ft7in), which in turn affects his speed and strength. There was however a certain small Argentinean who set the world alight in the 1986 world cup and is considered the best ever, so size is not always a major drawback. Also, look at Arshavin, who is actually smaller then Jack and is arguably Arsenal’s most effective player now.
So his size does not bother me much at all.
I can see Wilshere getting a lot more playing time this upcoming season and I have a feeling he might be a surprise call up for England at the 2010 World Cup.

(motipppppppp copy dari website tros?)

ape gune banyak words without pictures kan? how can u get the picture right? *lawak lame*

so presenting, my new sensation :

dan ni adalah puncak.

puncak kekacakan beliau.

dup dup dup dup dup.

dalam hati ada bom jangka.


awek hari jumaat

dah lama tak tayang awek kat blog.
dah tak macam blog moulin rouge lah~.


maka, presenting.

ooooooooooooo.. love it love it!


puisi seorang gf

u r in (isi nama tempat dia)
i am in (isi nama tempat sendiri)
it makes no diffrence
if u break up
cuz u see me rarely
u neva make an effort to c me mo than once in a month
i am a bitch
i asked u for money
u make me a bitch
whn u come
the first thing u want
is to fuck me


lagu ini untuk lelaki jahat

dapat rasa tak?
answer me boy.


tips untuk anak gadis

saje je nak share tips ni untuk anak-anak gadis kita.

hidup malaysia.

*it is copied from somewhere.

Being in a relationship is not easy. It is also very unpredictable. One day, you are having the greatest moment of your life with your partner and the next day, you are crying your lungs out. One moment, you desperately want to spend the rest of your life with your partner and the next, you may find all your things packed up out on the sidewalk. Yes, being in a relationship is very difficult. It is much more difficult if you think that your partner also has affections for the same sex. It may even be the hardest challenge that any couple could deal with.Figuring out whether your loved one is gay or not is very tricky business.
There are as many types of gayness as there are gay guys in the world. Some homosexuals want their sexual orientation be known to the whole world. Others are still hiding inside their dark closet, trying to avoid being caught. These men hide it so well that you can hardly imagine what their true sexuality is.If you think your boyfriend is gay, watch out for certain signs. Most gay people share things that are unique or, at least, distinct to them. You have to remember, however, that these signs are a bit stereotypical. These are not absolute.
If you see these signs in your boyfriend, it doesn't necessarily mean that he is gay or bisexual. Not seeing these signs doesn't mean that he's not gay, either. Again, playing detective is a tricky business. But hey, give it a shot. Here are the top 10 signs that your boyfriend belongs to the fabulous federation.
10. The Bathroom Rituals
Pay attention to his grooming habits. Notice how he meticulously does his hair. Try to find out how he chose the grooming products he owns. An average guy doesn't care about what brand or what type of products he uses. Is he particularly interested in top designer shoes and other accessories? Another warning sign is the time he spends inside the bathroom. If he takes longer than you do, that may be a sign that he's batting for the other team.
9. The Diva Fanaticism
People always consider gay guys to be fans of many divas. If your boyfriend likes listening to divas such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and (God forbid) Cher, then he might be one flaming gay man. Have you ever seen your boyfriend listening to any of these divas' records? Or worse, have you ever heard him singing any of their songs? And if he indeed sings their songs, does he do it in falsetto? If your answer is yes, then that could be a sign.
8. The Beauty Pageant Obsession
For some reason, gay guys love watching beauty pageants, as far as stereotypes are concerned. These events are a celebration of beauty and glamor that many gay people really value. Of course, your boyfriend won't let his fascination with beauty pageants be known, but if you really want to know, here's a quick tip. While talking about another topic, ask this question out of the blue: "Oh by the way, who was the 1999 Miss Universe?" If he is able to give you an answer, be scared. Be very scared. Gay people often also love awards shows such as the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, the Grammys and many others.
7. The Shifty Eyes
Another excellent way to know if your boyfriend is gay is by simply observing his eyes. Yep, it's all in the eyes. The next time you two are walking in a mall or around a local park with numerous people, notice how his eyes move. Some gay people let their eyes wander and jump from one guy to another. Notice how he shifts his vision when a hot man passes by. If his eyes are shifty when he is around men, he might be gay.
6. The Urinal Dilemma
A closeted gay man also feels uncomfortable and uneasy around straight guy friends as he tries hard not to show his concealed sexuality. In a public men's room, a closeted gay man is also uncomfortable using any empty urinal when other straight men are using the ones near his. Often, instead of using the urinals, he would go inside a cubicle and just pee into the toilet bowl.
5. The Oprah Quotes
Gay men, whether out or closeted, are inspired by many gay people who have proven their worth in history. There is just pure pride and sense of accomplishment that many gay guys feel when someone gay is able to achieve something. This can be evident in his in-depth knowledge about these things. Can he last even five minutes without quoting Oscar Wilde? Does he keep on stressing out that Alexander the Great was gay and that he was in love with his best friend? Does he always talk about how Oprah did something amazing? Okay, Oprah is not gay, but many gay people love her.
4. The X-Men Factor
Do you play video games with your boyfriend? If so, you'll be glad that there is also a way of knowing if he is guy just by looking at his character choices. Many gay men would pick a female character in a game with a versus mode. For example, in X-Men, Storm is a gay man's favorite. It has not been proven whether there is a psychological explanation for this, but it is a trend. If your boyfriend chooses a male character, it doesn't mean that you're safe. Cyclops is also often a gay man's pick because, well, he is extremely hot. And he abhors Jean Grey for that.
3. The Fashion Compliments
Your boyfriend might be gay if he gives you too many compliments in a very unmanly way. For example, instead of saying "You look beautiful," he'll say, "I like the way your top matches your tanned skin, and oh, your boots are so fetch." If you hear that from your boyfriend, don't feel glad. You might just have a gay partner.
2. The Downright Gay-bashing
Gay people hiding inside the closet are usually very vocal about their distaste and hatred for gay men. While it seems a little counter intuitive, there is a reason why they do it. Because they don't want to be caught or be suspected that they are gay, they would cover their true identity by blatantly expressing their rage against gay men. They also tend to overdo this; thus, they become harsh gay-bashers. If your boyfriend is like that, then he might be gay. As one adage goes, the greatest homophobe is homosexual.
1. The Hot Guys on his MySpace/Facebook
Check out his MySpace page. One of the most definitive signs that your boyfriend is gay is that there are some male strangers in his MySpace list of friends or contacts. If you have never seen these men or you don't know whether they are your boyfriend's friends in person, they might just have had their communication online. An average straight guy won't view a profile of a man he doesn't know personally, much less add him to his list of contacts. It's not just MySpace; browse through his Facebook or Friendster page and see if you can find some. Or worse, research and try to find out if he has accounts in gay networking sites. You can also check your browser's history to see if he has visited any gay adult sites on the web.The truth is, you don't need all these signs to know whether your partner is gay or not. What you should do is sit down and talk to him about it. Make him feel that it is all right and that you understand. Finding out if your boyfriend is gay needs a little observation and a lot of honesty.

*saje je nak sharing-sharing.

dah post baru perasan. panjang syiaaaaalll entri ni. haha.


shisha grape nz, wangsa maju is the best.

ulang suara.
shisha grape nz, wangsa maju is the best.
bukan sebarang shisha.

shisha depan cc orange

grape. whoaaaaa..


bukan karena aku ada crush sama pembuat shisha. definitely not.


lupa daratan sekejap!

kaki aku x jejak tanah wey!!

ps - sokat xul dian tolong! aku mau terbang nak jumpa mereka.


dramas are the best.

1. dramas are the best. cubaan mencari pasal sama stranger(s). aku agak puas.
bergerak jugak otak aku sedikit. thank you and sorry.
aku perlukan hiburan sedikitlah~

2. dramas are the best. boy boy boy. panat sudah aku bah.

3. dramas are the best. tesis haram tak bergerak. 2 bulan berlalu kosong.
angin pun tak ada.

4. dramas are the best. ft island. sila wujudkan game maya mereka. aku mahu.
kalau tak ada pun, posters sebesar 6kaki please.

5. dramas are the best. a bitch is kinda 'dumped' by the other bitch-sisters.
hoi beeeeeyotttccchessss. i miss you people lah~

6. dramas are the best. infatuation atau kenangan lalu mengusik jiwa?
which is safer?

7. dramas are the best. shots, gembeling, free xes, semua memanggil-manggil.
i blame u helmi ali.

8. dramas are the best. abang-abang polis malaysia banyak membantu.



mak aihhh. hati aku luka sial.

ini entri emo.
sape rase menyampah atau rasa aku lame sila berhenti di sini.
sape bukan kawan aku pun just stop here.

aku ade ex bf, yang aku tatau lah ex ke tak sebenarnye.
enough of the intro. just shoot it bitch.
*dalam context ni, aku lah bitch itu*

semua orang ade couple. or at least semua orang penah ade couple. okay, semua orang nak ada couple. aku pun.
bila ada couple, sms tuh macam keperluan.
macam addicted pun ada jugak.

(jalan penulisan aku berterabur, aku tak tahu macamane nak sampaikan. teha tolong bawang buat storyline please)

okay. tarik nafas...

hubungan kitowang adelah retak-retak sikit. tapi kitorang cuba tampung. dia pegang benang, aku cuba jahit. cuba ya. cuba.

aku suka sms. aku suka call. aku suka amek berat pasal bf aku.
nak tahu apa dia ym aku pagi tadi?
boy82 : apa ingat saya ni kounter pertanyaan ka?
*sila abaikan ejaan KAUNTER dia. bodoh. xde pendidikan. macam tu lah.
aku tak tahu lah...

kesimpulan yang aku boleh buat. mungkin bukan kesimpulan. tapi persoalan.

am i too demanding. or is he just too damn ignorant?

haida.awin.lan.k.aishah.dll yang mengisahkan masalah aku,
yang berpeluh mendengar keluh aku.

mari berdoa aku akan kahwin. wedding daku kalian wajib
jadi groom's maids and bestmen. amin.
amin amin ya Rabbal'alamin.

ps - janganlah jadikan hati aku secelaka dan penuh dengan dendam seperti hati the shurfas. amin~


ini lagu saya.

* hati membeku mengingatkan kata janji manismu*



aku masih bergulung
tidak lagi memeluk guling
namun tetap dalam selimut
pandang nanar langit-langit kamar
putar ulang kejadian semalam
aku masih bergulung


ayuh. sebarkan cinta.

been reading this one blog. a bitch.

wooopsie. never label orang lain sebagai bitch fadli. never.

tapi. ape-ape lah kan?

come on lah. hidup beliau macam tak ada rasa cinta. semua bende dia benci.
everything. u name it.
orang macam kau lah punca dunia tak aman-aman.

aku sangat bersimpati kepada kau dan the sisters yang konon-kononnya penuh dengan talent(s).
dalam setiap solatku, insyaAllah akan aku panjangkan kepada-Nya, agar hati-hati kalian dibersihkan, dan diberi rasa cinta dan kasih sayang. amin~

aku bukan benci. aku simpati. simpati kepada the bitch and the sisters. or should i name them the bitches? or sister of bitches?

hmm.. rase tak seronoklah. rasanya the term bitch macam tak sesuailah.
macam bitch tuh mulia dari mereka.

*sebarkan cinta, supaya hati mereka-mereka ini berbunga-bunga*


new idol.

went to this new band mini concert.
the vocalist was superb. okay he is.
the songs were so so.
biaselah, new band kan?



tajuk sangat lame : cinta










lelaki langit.

ini enti pengisi kekosongan blog, sama macam mengisi hati.
busy sedikitlah. ade teater lah. ptd lah. tesis lah.

nanti akan update lagi ya, untuk waktu ini, ya, dia. lelaki langit.

dan dua gambar bawah ni memang bukan setakat bagi hati jatuh ke kaki. tapi jatuh naik jatuh naik jatuh naik. ulang-ulang tahap infiniti lah kata orang bijak-bijak.


the ultimate orgasm!

2pm masa sebelum debut.

bersemangat mereka training.

clap clap clap!

ceplap ceplap. ceplap.


nobody paling ghairah.


*berdarah hidung, berair hidung*

wooyoung. kau sikit lagi nak sampai takhta kangin.

sikit je lagi.

sikit sangat.